About me
Anna Hart - psychologist, speech therapist, psycholinguist.

- studied in Moscow (Russia), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Bath (UK)

- 20 years experience working with families and kids

- owner of Child Development Centres in Russia and Cyprus

- founder of international parenting online club

- 3 kids in the family (17, 5 & 2 years)

Do these situations look familiar?
If you recognise yourself in any of the situations below, then contact me - I will help you!
Your child doesn't listen to you, they respond to your questions with screaming and tears or they ignore you completely. This behaviour makes you worry about your future relationships.

Screen Dependency
When you suggest alternatives to the screen, your child becomes angry and is unable to change his focus.
Attention Seeking
Your child is constantly demanding attention: "Muuuuum, play with me", "Muuuum, look what I did", they can't play alone (or study by themself) and you don't know how to facilitate this.
You try to play with your child, but something always irritates you: they choose the wrong colour for the grass, the wrong Lego block .. You are irritated, the game is not a pleasure at all... and then you blame yourself, why were you so angry?
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