Online Advent Calendar
With attachment sensory games for the family and
life hacks to help YOU be in resource
from a Russian psychologist living in the UK
Do these situations look familiar?
If you recognise yourself in any of the situations below, then my online Advent Calendar is for you!
Your child doesn't listen to you, they respond to your questions with screaming and tears or they ignore you completely. This behaviour makes you worry about your future relationships.

Screen Dependency
When you suggest alternatives to the screen, your child becomes angry and is unable to change his focus.
Attention Seeking
Your child is constantly demanding attention: "Muuuuum, play with me", "Muuuum, look what I did", they can't play alone (or study by themself) and you don't know how to facilitate this.
You try to play with your child, but something always irritates you: they choose the wrong colour for the grass, the wrong Lego block .. You are irritated, the game is not a pleasure at all... and then you blame yourself, why were you so angry?

I know how difficult it is! We have 3 kids in our family and I run my online business. I have been down this road and made a lot of these mistakes.

My online Advent Calendar is the perfect gift for mums who have tried hard to balance family life with their career, but have been unsuccessful.

Your future if these problems remain unresolved
The situation will deteriorate if you don't work on your relationship with your child
Stress due to the whims of your child, disobedience, conflicts, tears, tantrums, screaming, irritation.
Breakdown of communication with your child, poor relationships with your child.
Blaming yourself and lack of confidence.
Get acquainted with attachment sensory games that I have curated from all over the world. Play is the language of your child, and you can enjoy play whilst engaging your inner child!
It shouldn't be like this! Both work and family life should fill you with resource, a woman should be full of energy and happy in her profession and motherhood. And all this is possible, when everything is in balance.

You have a choice:

- exhaust yourself "teaching" your child to play by himself, fighting with him (knowing deep inside that you are doing something wrong)

-constantly worry that you don't have time for your child, torn between your family and your career.

What is inside the online advent calendar?
Three ways to help make the festive season with kids more enjoyable:
replenish your resource, play games and improve your understanding of yourself and your child.
In my calendar every day you will receive new ways to replenish yourself. Games are pleasurable only to those who are in resource. If your energy levels are low then there are no methods that can give you the joy of communication and pleasure of togetherness. And this is exactly what we want during the Christmas holidays, isn't it!
In my calendar every day you will receive attachment sensory games. Every game is very short, 10 minutes per day and you will understand how to set borders (whilst playing games!), your child will become more motivated to learn, you will start a tantrum free life, your child will lose their desire to dive into the virtual world! Anna provides descriptions of the games and explanations in short videos and texts.
During the webinar Anna Hart talks about attachment sensory games and the unique knowledge that she has acquired during her life and studies in different countries. With this information you will become more confident as a parent, understand your children and see not only their behaviour but the inner reasons for it.
Every day open a new game from Anna, nourish yourself and see the results:
Your child will discover the joy of studying by himself. Imagination and cognitive activity will flourish
Your child will start playing alone, expanding their horizons and exploring new worlds
You will have more free time and your inner connection with your child will improve
By spending 10 minutes per day, you will achieve results that will remain with you forever

About me
Anna Hart - psychologist, speech therapist, psycholinguist.

- studied in Moscow (Russia), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Bath (UK)

- 20 years experience working with families and kids

- owner of Child Development Centres in Russia and Cyprus

- founder of international parenting online club

- 3 kids in the family (17, 5 & 2 years)

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  • 24 games for 24 days
I want these games!
  • 24 games for 24 days
  • Life hacks for every day to help YOU be in resource
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  • 24 games for 24 days
  • Life hacks for every day to help YOU be in resource
  • Webinar with Anna Hart
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What are attachment sensory games?
Attachment sensory games are easy, short games for you and your children. They help to build reliable, warm, emotionally safe relationships with yourself, with your child and with the whole world around you. These games are used not only with children, but with the teenagers and adults who have attachment trauma (divorce, family violence, custody battles), depression and panic attacks. But even for families without any of the above issues, these games help to find balance. I love body psychotherapy, art-therapy, the Theraplay and Shichida methods, lot's of schools that I use in my Inner Resource System and want to share it all with you before Christmas.
How will it work?
Every day there will be videos with the games (with an explanation) + small tasks, life hacks, advice from me as to how you can help yourself maintain a high level of energy. You can watch them at any time that is convenient to you.
When will I get the access to the packages? And for how long I will have access?
The Online Advent Calendar is available on 1st of December, you can buy it till December 24 and you will have access to this page as long as the internet works! You will receive information about how to access the Advent Calendar sent to the email address that you give us when you register your interest.
How long does one game last? And how many games will there be?
One game is approximately 1-3 minutes long, with an explanation about 1-3 minutes in length and a description of the task of 1-3 minutes - in total a maximum of 10 minutes per day.
You can choose the packages, named after Santa's reindeers: "PRANCER" has only games, "DASHER" has games and life hacks, "RUDOLPH" has all the games and life hacks, but also a webinar where Anna Hart gives priceless information about the role of games in our life, our development and our future.
What do I do if I don't like the games? What if I become tired, bored with them very quickly... and I honestly think that there are better ways to spend my time when so many important things are waiting for me!
My games are especially for you! If you don't like, don't want, don't know how to play, don't enjoy them... then you came at the right place! Here you will open a whole new world inside you and after one month you will run after your child asking them to play with you, but they will answer: Muuum! Leave me alone, I want to play by myself!"
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Prepare for wonderful Christmas holidays!

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