ANNA HART'S Online parenting school
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with highly sensitive children
24 days of games and fun for a stress free christmas
OPEN a game every day in your online advent calendar and prepare for the webinar

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What is inside the online advent calendar?
Three ways to help make the festive season with your children more enjoyable:
replenish your resource, play games and improve your understanding of yourself and your child.
    In my calendar you will receive ideas for how to look after yourself. Games are pleasurable only to those who are in resource. If your energy levels are low then you won't feel the joy of communication with your child. This is exactly what we want during the Christmas holidays, isn't it?
    You will receive attachment sensory games that help to nourish, engage your child, set rules and boundaries whilst playing. Every game is very short, you will start a tantrum free life, your child will lose their desire to dive into the virtual world!
    During the webinar Anna talks about attachment sensory games and the unique knowledge that she has acquired during her life and studies in different countries. With this information you will become more confident as a parent, understand your children and see not only their behaviour but the inner reasons for it.
What if I do not like games, I do not have free time for them and I find them boring?
These are games that I collected from all over the world and are designed exactly for parents who:
⁃ Do not know how to play games
⁃ Do not like or want to play games
⁃ Think that these games are a waste of time and there are more important things to do like cleaning and cooking

This calendar is for you!
About me
Anna Hart - psychologist, speech therapist, psycholinguist.

- studied in Moscow (Russia), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Bath (UK)

- 20 years experience working with families and children

- owner of Child Development Centres in Russia and Cyprus

- founder of international online parenting club MAMA SMART

- 3 kids in the family (20, 8 & 5 years)

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Examples of games
Buy YOUR Online Advent Calendar
before 10 December and get it at a reduced price!
  • 24 THERAPLAY games for 24 days
  • Life hacks for every day to help YOU be in resource
  • Webinar with Anna Hart about The Inner Resource System
I want it all!
Do these situations look familiar?
If you recognise yourself in any of the situations below, then my online Advent Calendar is for you!
  • Disobedience
    Your child doesn't listen to you, they respond to your questions with screaming and tears or they ignore you completely. This behaviour makes you worry about your future relationships.

  • Screen Dependency
    When you suggest alternatives to the screen, your child becomes angry and is unable to change his focus.
  • Attention Seeking
    Your child is constantly demanding attention: "Muuuuum, play with me", "Muuuum, look what I did", they can't play alone (or study by themself) and you don't know how to facilitate this.
  • Impatience
    You try to play with your child, but something always irritates you: they choose the wrong colour for the grass, the wrong Lego block. You are irritated, the game is not a pleasure at all... and then you blame yourself, why were you so angry?
Buy YOUR Online Advent Calendar
before 10 December and get it at a reduced price!
Prepare for wonderful Christmas holidays!

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